Hi, hey, how ya doing?!

I am so excited to start blogging and cannot wait to share some heart and words behind these images I capture and the clients I am so very blessed to have. To kick off this thing with a bang I want to share with you all a few fun facts about myself. After you read through the fun facts please share with me a fun fact about yourself in the comments below!

  1. I have been married to my better half for 18 months and I cannot wait to keep trucking through life with him by my side. 
  2. We have a frenchie named Kemo and he is seriously funny. 
  3. I like long walks and iced coffee no matter rain or shine.
  4. I nanny part-time for the sweetest little babe and slobbery kisses pull my heart strings every single time.
  5. My love language is quality time but I sure love random gifts too. 
  6. I'm an ex-partner (aka Starbucks Barista) and whenever I go into a Starbucks I have to fight the urge to jump on bar and help out. 
  7. Although I was born and raised in the East Bay and now currently reside in the Sacramento area, I lived in Portland for a short but super sweet 6 months and most days I feel like my heart is still over there wandering the streets without me. I hope one day to move back because Northwest really is the best.
  8. My family is Sicilian and crazy but I love them more than words can say. Every family gathering includes bread, olives, and cheese.
  9. I have about 18 projects I eventually intend to get to in the garage. My husband doesn't believe me but I promise! 
  10. I have to-do lists for my to-do list, no joke. I love the feeling of crossing off something I have gotten done! 

Woo! Thanks for reading, friends. I can't wait to read some silly or serious facts about you!