An Overdue Life Update!

Well, hello there friends! Is this thing on? I know it’s been a minute (or more like a year and a half) since my last blog post and man that was a tough one. So much has changed and happened the last year and a half. I am itching to share SO many beautiful weddings, family sessions, senior sessions, etc. but I knew I had to pop-in first and give everyone a little life update before I jump right in to showing off my incredible clients.

I’ll make this simple & easy with some bullet points:

  • In 2018 we got to travel to Disneyland, Indianapolis, Illinois (Chicago!), Lake Tahoe, Maui and New Orleans. Two of those travel adventures were to shoot weddings - kinda a big deal!

  • In April 2018 we rescued a German Shepherd puppy off the streets, named him Kodak (rightfully so) and brought him into our family.

  • My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer and then kicked it in it’s butt!

  • Late July 2018 we found out that we were PREGNANT with our rainbow baby (see our story about infertility & loss in my last blog post here) and currently I am a little over 35 weeks pregnant, anxiously awaiting to meet our sweet baby girl in 5 weeks give or take!

  • We had to say goodbye to our beloved French Bulldog in January and it was one of the most emotional and hardest things we’ve ever had to do

  • Hubby and I got matching tattoos of our sweet Baby Q’s heartbeat

  • Photographing + connecting with bloggers in the Sacramento area has brought me so much joy & I have been consistently shooting the same boss babes for months (even years for some) now!

  • I am still filling up dates for my 2019 wedding season and have already started booking 2020 weddings (you 2020 brides sure are planners!) - If you are looking for a photographer I’d love to chat with ya

  • I’m sure I can keep going with this list because I like bullet points but I think I’ll stop here! ;)

Now that you’re mostly caught up with what’s been going on with my life I’ll share a few highlighted photos in the slideshow below!

Get ready for some more consistent blog posts (a 2019 goal of mine) and to meet a lot of faces I’ve gotten the privilege to photograph the couple years! I hope you are as excited as I am!

xo, Nicole