The Key Family | Sacramento Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Hi guys! I have to confess something... this summer has been absolutely nuts! I have gotten so behind on blogging and keeping up with social media as a whole and I need to apologize to everyone. I have totally felt the weight of trying to balance working a day job (resulting in about 24-32 hours a week) and my own photography business. I wouldn't trade any minute of my days for anything else, but the result of my busy-ness has been to let go of some fun things like blogging and posting Instagram photos everyday. Case in point? Just now I went to go prep a blog post for a recent wedding and when I logged in to my blog I discovered this draft from June 3rd.... YIKES! Here's to hoping the 'better late than never' attitude resonates with you!

With all this being said, here are some photos from the sweetest lifestyle newborn session ever. This session just gave me another reason why I love my job so much - clients turned into friends. After leaving this session my Husband (aka my assistant & better half) and I both knew we wanted to spend more time with the Key family and guess what? We made it happen! We've gotten to have dinner together and learn more about each other & now this family is gearing up to go on an adventure of a lifetime, RVing all over the USA, and we are so excited for them!

Amanda & Tim, thank you for letting us into your world and for trusting us to photograph your precious babe in his first weeks of life. We look forward to more hang-outs in the future!